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AFCO HE Pictures
2004 Cobra Pictures
Kenne Bell Installed

Mystic Supercharged Cobra
from 381 rwhp to a whopping...

555 RWHP

 To install the Boost-A-Pump I highly recommend the following to make your life easier:
1. Remove all of the interior panels in the trunk (except the passenger side). Be careful when removing the clips that hold the rear panel by the rear seats (they break easily). I've found that it's easiest to "wiggle" the panel plug to get it loose than trying to force it straight out.

2. You'll need to remove the rear seats in order to route the wires through the car for the boost sensor and the control unit that you use to set how lean/rich you need (depending on the blower pulley size you ordered). There are two buttons at the bottom, center of each seat that requires pushing them in with a screw driver. It doesn't take a lot of force to push in these buttons so take it easy and don't tear up the upholstery on your rear seats by randomnly poking and proding.

3. You'll need to remove the driver's side seat belt where it's attached at the floor in order to continue routing the wires under the carpet and toward the front of the car.

4. Also, most likely you will need to drill a hole in the firewall behind the dash to route the wires that go to the sensor, unless you're fortunate enough to find a stock grommet that you can use to feed the wires to the engine compartment; I wasn't so lucky... :-(

5. For the rest, just follow the instructions, it's all down hill from there... 

The Boost-A-Pump (BAP) Installed in left rear corner...looks like it came
right from the factory, doesn't it?

A side picture of the BAP installed. The factory fuel control control unit is
located in the upper right corner of the picture just behind where the ground
wires are connected to the chassis. The BAP is the red unit at the center bottom of the picture.

The Boost-A-Pump (BAP) kit (included) recommended by Kenne Bell...

Contact David at for more information...